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The Coretakr - an intelligent Robotic Decoring technology

Tech Stage

February 8, 2018

13:00 - 14:00

Hall 8.1

FTNON has developed an unique robot solution for the decoring of lettuce and cabbage in the fresh produce industry. It scans lettuce in a scan cabinet that jointly reconstruct a spatial 3D model of each head. The core is detected based on intelligent feature detection. A robot picks and rotates the lettuce and places it into the precision decorer.
The CoreTakr is easy to clean and maintain and has minimal cavities. In the cleaning mode sensitive cameras are protected. All components are built to last and withstand harsh conditions to guarantee a hygienic solution.
The FTNON Robotic systems are used to automate repetitive human labour, in a safe and extremely hygienic way, but generate lots of useful data as well. Both raw material data, process data and machine data are stored and used to predict maintenance, optimize machine effectiveness and product quality.