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The digital dividend – Big data will yield big results for the Food Industry

Tech Stage

February 8, 2018

11:30 - 12:30

Hall 8.1

Mike Riley, Head of TOMRA Food, will speak about trends in the Food industry and consider how data and Artificial Intelligence will play a significant role in food plants of the future. TOMRA sees real value created from the application of these technologies with everyday agricultural and food processing industries. The transformation, which is going on already, but will excel soon, will result in significant efficiency gains for growers, producers, and sellers who can use better precision to reduce costs, increase margins and open new markets.

At the heart of the transformation is not big data by itself … it’s the use of big data at the right time and with the right context to make better decisions. Mike Riley will speak about real examples from the Food sorting and grading world. He will also explain what important steps processors have to take today and tomorrow. Today, TOMRA Food prides itself on helping customers achieve incredibly high efficiency rates on sorting. We think the promise of big data can build on this for customers beyond their sorting to achieve 5X and higher gains on productivity, on cost, on margin … the upside is huge.


Mike Riley, CEO, Compac, Tomra