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Coldchain infrastructure investment and developing global perishable supply chains

Logistics Hub

February 9, 2018

10:00 - 11:00

Hall 26

The fresh produce sector needs better cold chain capacity especially in distant yet growing markets. What are the critical factors determining investment decisions?

10:00 -10:20 Meeting global cold chain challenges (cold chain reactions) - Hans Kroes, Managing Director Iberia, Agro Merchants Group

10:20 -10:40 A fresh breeze from Barcelona - Rosa Puig, Port of Barcelona

10:40 - 11:00 Zimbabwe a new beginning – supply chain implications
Could Zimbabwe regain its former position as the ‘bread basket’ of Southern Africa
and how will produce be able to beat its way to export markets? - Andy Connell, A-Bar-C Services

Presenter / Contact person:

Alex von Stempel, Managing Director, Freshwater Logistics Ltd.


Andy Connell, Director, A-Bar-C Services

Hans Kroes, Managing Director Iberia, Agro Merchants Group

Rosa Puig, Commercial Director, Port of Barcelona