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Energy – less is more

Future Lab

February 9, 2018

12:00 - 12:30

Hall 26

More than ever before, energy-efficient storage methods are in demand. The high energy levels required for fruit storage together with increasing energy costs demand new technologies that can help to reduce energy consumption in storage systems. The main source of energy consumption in fruit storage is the refrigeration equipment. However, the extent to which the cooling system has to be operated over the entire storage period varies greatly and depends on factors such as spatial geometry and time-dependent measures necessary to preserve fruit quality – the rapid cooling of freshly picked produce, the avoidance of excessive fruit moisture loss, and the establishment of a controlled atmosphere environment (subject to variety). What then are the opportunities for saving energy?

Contact person:

Dr. Daniel Neuwald, Head of Post-Harvest Physiology and storage, University of Hohenheim


Christine Weiser, Editor, Fruchthandel Magazin, Fruitnet Media International GmbH