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Consistency instead of alternation

Future Lab

February 7, 2018

12:00 - 12:30

Hall 26

The alternation of apple crops poses major challenges year after year to production and to the later stages of the supply chain. Consistent yields and a reduction of alternation have therefore long been a goal. Research is now looking into how apple blossoming can be inhibited or promoted by changes in gene expression and the metabolic signals which are generated in the plant in response to ontogenesis, plant resources, growing practices and environmental factors. Another line of approach is the analysis of pruning techniques.

Contact person:

Prof. Dr. Jens Norbert Wünsche, University of Hohenheim, Department of Crop Science|Crop Physiology of Specialty Crops (340f)


Stephanie Zaar, Editor, Fruchthandel Magazin, Fruitnet Media International GmbH