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Inspector Canine – tracking down the virus

Future Lab

February 8, 2018

14:00 - 14:30

Hall 26

Tim R. Gottwald, Head of Plant Pathology at the US Department of Agriculture, South Rock Road, has been working with dogs for the last 17 years to help detect and identify plant diseases. The dogs can detect viruses and pathogens in plants and fruits with an accuracy of 98-99%. Professor Gottwald’s main focus is on the research of citrus cancer, citrus huanglongbing and the plum pox virus (for peaches, plums and almonds). The accurate detection and determination of such pathogens at an early stage of development and before the propagation of plant material has tremendous potential impact on the international fruit trade. The risk of affected produce entering markets can be drastically reduced. The dogs can also be used for the detection of other vegetable, vine and cassava virus diseases. Research is well advanced and extensive data document the results of the research.

Contact person:

Prof. Dr. Tim R. Gottwald , Leader Horticultural Research Laboratory/Plant Pathology, USDA United States Department of Agriculture


Michael Barker, Editor, Fresh Produce Journal, Fruitnet Media International GmbH