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Former winners of FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award

Winner of the FLIA 2017

Winner of the FLIA 2017

And the Winner is...?

"Knox – Delayed Pinking in Fresh Cut Lettuce" wins the 2017 FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award.

"Thank you! That's fantastic; we are extremely proud and honoured. Thanks to everyone who voted for us and a special thank-you to our team, of course. And last but not least, I'd like to thank all our partners in the value-added chain – they've helped us by explaining the benefits of our development," said Jan Doldersum, Manager Marketing and Business Development at Rijk Zwaan Distribution B.V.

  • 2017
    “Knox™” – Delayed pinking in fresh cut lettuce (Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt en Zaadhandel BV, Netherlands)
  • 2016
    „Genuine Coconut” - organic coconut with a special patented opening (World´s Coconut Trading, Spain)
  • 2015
    „Aurora Seedless Papaya“ (Aviv, Israel)
  • 2014
    „BBQ Grill-Mix“ – a new convenience product for BBQ fans
    (eisberg Group, Schweiz)
  • 2013
    „City-Farming“ – a greenhouse-concept (Staay Food Group, Niederlande)
  • 2012
    “Angello – Sweet & Seedless Pepper“ (Syngenta Seeds BV, Netherlands)
  • 2011
    „Limeburst Fingerlimes“ – Australian citrus fruit (Limeburst Fingerlimes, Australien)
  • 2010
    „Arils Removal Tool“ – a pomegranate -pitter (Mehadrin Tnuport Export, Israel)
  • 2009
    „Sweet Green Paprika“ (Enza Zaden, Niederlande)
  • 2008
    „Intense“ – flesh tomato (Nunhems Netherlands BV, Niederlande)
  • 2007
    „Vitamini’s“ – a vegetable snack (FresQ/Rainbow Growers Group, Netherlands)
  • 2006
    „Salanova® lettuce variety“ (Rijk Zwaan, Netherlands)