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Innovation focused on the user of the marketing of stone fruit


7. Februar 2018

16:30 - 17:00 Uhr

Halle B/CityCube Berlin, Raum M7

The sector of the stone fruit has had in the campaign of the year 2017 one of his worst campaigns of the last years.

Understand the current and future demands of consumers, establish "alliances" that do not "dependencies" with the distribution companies, plan production for the demands that offer opportunities for success and lead the processes of promotion and marketing of the product are in our opinion the challenges faced by the production and which is proposed to respond to the INCOAL association, innovation focused on the user for the commercialization of apricot and for the extension of the stone fruit.

For the design of the fruits in the field, locations have been selected for the highly competitive pilots in terms of differentiation and sustainability in the consumption.

Keynote Speaker:

Abad Juanfra , Innovation Manager, Innovarligero