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February 01, 2019

Premiere: First Global Women's Network at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019

Berlin, 1. February 2019 – On 8 February 2019, exactly one month before International Women's Day becomes a new public holiday in Berlin, the first Global Women's Network will take place at FRUIT LOGISTICA at 10:00 a.m. in Hall 6.3. This event is organised by Viviane Schappo, Monica Bratuti and Julie Escobar. The three initiators have more than 25 years of experience in the international fresh produce trade. They represent a generation of women who want to shape and develop the fruit and vegetable sector and share their experience. FRUIT LOGISTICA offers an ideal framework for establishing such a global network.  

"We are incredibly excited to see the responses to this event from women around the world. The amount of positive support and desire out there from women in our industry who want to belong to a bigger global network is amazing", said Julie Escobar, co-initiator of the first Global Women's Network. "In the past, each country has always done its own thing with very little integration from other countries. The time to make a dramatic change in our industry and have a stronger voice is now. Our global network is, and will be, a platform not only to network around business opportunities but also to serve as a space for women in the fresh produce industry to get inspired, connect and be transformed into better executive leaders. Our goal is to bring speakers to our events who can 'rock the boat' and have really impactful conversations around topics that matter to women in business.”

To provide in-depth insight into the many facets of professional life in the fresh produce industry, the initiators have invited guest speakers from four continents: Linda Carobbi (Corporate Director, Savino del Bene) from Europe, Michelle Masek (Head of Marketing, Apeel Sciences) from the United States, Rocio Aguilar (Senior Export Manager, Altar Produce) from Latin America and Ebby Loo (Managing Director, Euro Atlantic Group) from Asia. Laura Dellinger (Partner, Wisebridge), an expert on women's economic development programmes, will share her experience in other business sectors.

In their keynote speeches, the guest speakers will not only talk about their past experiences, but also create a common ground for a global women's network.

Further information about the first Global Women's Network can be found here.