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Gloria Polanco

FRUTESA is a 100% Guatemalan company founded in 1983. We were pioneers in the exportation of fresh fruits and vegetables from Guatemala to Europe and since the beginning our mission has been “To be an exporting company that forms a strong supply chain that links the products grown by Guatemalan growers, with importers and consumers in Europe offering healthy products with the highest quality standards”. We do our best to satisfy with our good service and our good products, both our clients and consumers, and also the farmers who work with FRUTESA under contract.

FRUTESA has an excellent reputation among all producers, clients, customers and employees because we have strengthened each link in the chain applying business ethics in each and every one of our transactions. Our goal has been to provide our clients with high quality, fresh, safe and healthy produce delivered on time; we offer to our growers a fair deal, we treat them with respect and we offer them the best returns.

The teams that FRUTESA has formed are teams of people who feel pride doing things right, people who have applied their imagination to innovate for over two decades, and people who are loyal to FRUTESA. This has placed FRUTESA as the leading Guatemalan exporter company to the European Union of mange tout (snow peas), sugar snaps, avocados and berries.  Among our satisfied clients, are the most demanding in the whole world. Our quality and food safety standards have been increasing beside the ones of our customers.

We sell to the United Kingdom, Holland, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Italy in the European Union; and to the United States and Canada in North America. We do different packaging for retailers and to wholesalers; so our products are consumed in banquets, restaurants and homes across the European Union and North America.

In FRUTESA we understand that we sell service in addition to selling good products. Our attitude has enabled us maintain long-term business relationships that are very satisfying. Because of all that, FRUTESA has excellent prestige and has some clients, growers, suppliers and employees that have been working with FRUTESA since the beginning.

FRUTESA was born with the idea to sell the produce of thousands of good Guatemalan farmers to the global market, so they could participate in the global economy


Gloria Polanco

Polanco, Gloria


Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019, 14.00 - 16.00 Uhr
Halle B/CityCube Berlin, Raum M 4-5