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FRUIT LOGISTICA update - 10 February 2012

Seedless Angello peppers win 2012 FLIA Award

The sweet and seedless Angello pepper variety from the Dutch company Syngenta Seeds B.V. is the winner of the 2012 FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award. The pepper is conical in shape, about 10 cm long, weighs up to 30 g and is crunchy to the bite. Angello sweet peppers are high in vitamin C. They are grown in Spain, Israel and the Netherlands and sold in snack bags. "I am very proud to have received this award", says Angello grower Benny Nir from Israel at the awards ceremony. "I would like to thank my colleagues and managers for their support in developing this product." Second place, as voted by the trade visitors at the world's leading trade fair for fresh produce, went to the interactive website "" from the Dutch company Rijk Zwaan. Salad fans around the world can use the site to access recipe ideas and information on salad products. The Achacha fruit from the Bolivian Amazon Basin came third. It was presented by the Dutch company Bud Holland B.V.

FRUIT LOGISTICA Hall Forum: "Regional sourcing on an international scale"

Regional sourcing as one of the key issues in the trade was the focus of the FRUIT LOGISTICA Hall Forum on Friday. Regional sourcing stands for familiarity and trust between products, consumers and the POS. Many suppliers label their products sold on foreign and domestic markets with the country of origin and use this as a marketing focus. The Hall Forum highlighted the key issues: How can the successful concept be further expanded? How can cooperation be optimized across the entire supply chain? How can the fresh produce trade become more directly involved? And last but not least: What does regional sourcing actually mean? Guest speakers at the Hall Forum were Emmanuel Descloux (Prince de Bretagne, France), Gerhard Dichgans (VOG South Tyrol, Italy) and Hans-Juergen Kirsch (head of category management, fruit & vegetables /flowers/plants, Globus-SB-Warenhaus Holding, Germany). The panel discussion was moderated by Michael Schotten from Fruchthandel Magazine. Discussion participants agreed from the outset that regional sourcing is more than simply drawing a circle covering a set number of miles around the POS and referring to all agricultural products grown in this area as regional products. Mr Descloux spoke about the collaboration between the 2,500 growers united under the "Prince de Bretagne" brand and their efforts to open Brittany to the outside world. Mr Dichgans explained how the Südtirol brand was created and how it is implemented by fruit and vegetable growers – as well as by other business sectors, particularly tourism: "It is important to look at the Südtirol value pyramid separately from the product world". He said that the agricultural areas in this world played a role in the debate on regional sourcing. Mr Kirsch spoke from the retailers' perspective and defined regional sourcing as an effort to bring a product of its anonymity. He said that this could happen when the customer is given a chance to relate to a specific region by learning why the retailer sources fruit from this particular region. Even pomelos from the Pinghe region in China or blood oranges from Sicily can reflect aspects of regional sourcing.

FRUIT LOGISTICA Hall Forum: "Innovation in the fresh produce business"

Each year, the final event in the official Hall Forum program, which takes place just before the presentation of the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award (FLIA), focuses on the topic of innovation. This year, attention was directed to some of the previous FLIA winners. Dr. Hans Renia from Nunhems described how the FLIA 2008 winner, the "Intense" tomato, has soared on the market. He explained how this success is based in part on the long-term product strategy. This was confirmed by Jörg Werner from Rijk Zwaan, who explained the success of "Salanova" lettuce, winner of the FLIA 2006. The two agreed that long-term success requires more than a coherent approach that extends from initial market research to brand development and PR support in the market. No one knows whether a product will attract enough attention at the time it is launched. Today, however, there are a number of tools that can be used to analyze the market in advance. Afterwards, it all depends on a complex program that must be monitored for a period of time. Product launches are not exactly cheap. But anyone who is not willing to invest in a market launch should simply hold on to their "small change".

BioTropic enjoys a successful FRUIT LOGISTICA 2012

"The talks we held were in-depth and fruitful. FRUIT LOGISTICA is quite simply the centre of the fresh produce world", says Sacher Suler, BioTropic Operations Manager, summing up FRUIT LOGISTICA 2012. The objective of BioTropic GmbH is the transparent procurement of organic produce from organic farming in close cooperation with the producers. It now receives orders for all kinds of organic produce. A particular focus is on produce from South America.
(Hall 21, Stand A-03, contact: Sascha S uler, tel.: +49(0)203/51876201, e-mail:

Everything points to growth at GFI

With the opening of the GFI German Fresh Produce Markets for the organizers of farmers' markets and retail market halls, the association has become an even more effective marketing partner for national and international growers, according to GFI Chairman Uwe Kluge. "Networking is again the key focus for our association", says Kluge of the exhibit at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2012. "Everything points to growth at GFI. We have opened new divisions in the past year. We offer our members a broad-based, institutionalized knowledge transfer on central trade management issues." Membership was increasing as a result, he said.
(Hall 21, Stand F-12, contact: Frank Willhausen, tel.: +49(0)174/8152314, e-mail:

Ghana supplies pineapples all year round

Ghana is focusing on the extremely tasty pineapples that it grows and harvests all year round. "Many Europeans are not aware of this. We are at FRUIT LOGISTICA to make this fact known", says Antony Sikpa, President of the Federation of Associations of Ghanaian Exporters. Ghana is represented with four exporters, whose produce, in addition to pineapples, includes papayas and mangos.
(Hall 5.2, Stand C-09, contact: Anthony Sikpa, tel.: +233(0)302/766176, e-mail:

AG Thames discusses innovations with its partners

"FRUIT LOGISTICA is a unique opportunity for us to meet our suppliers from around the world and our clients at a single location", says Gary Linsell, Managing Director of AG Thames. The family business supplies Great Britain's major retail chains with fresh produce. "Here we also discuss with our key partners innovations that we are planning to introduce in the near future", says Linsell.
(Hall 8.2, Stand B-06, contact: Gary Linsell, tel.: +44(0)1322429751, e-mail:

Italy: grapes from Apulia to receive seal of origin

The Apulian grape variety with seeds is to receive the EU protected designation of origin this summer. While many consumers prefer the seedless variety, the University of Milan and other colleges have discovered that the seeds can play a role in cancer prevention, says Giacomo Suglia, President of the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Exporters APEO. With an annual production of 10-11 million tonnes, grapes are the most important crop from the Italian region of Apulia. Apulia is represented at FRUIT LOGISTICA this year with 22 stands, four more than in 2011.
(Hall 2.1, Stand E-04, contact: Giacomo Suglia, tel.: +39(0)80/5044127, e-mail:

CSO presents the prestigious Abate Fetel pear

For the last five years, the Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli (CSO) has been running the Mr. Fruitness campaign in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and the EU. The campaign aims to encourage children and young people to eat more fruit. This year's presentation at FRUIT LOGISTICA is devoted to the prestigious Abate Fetel variety from the Emilia Romagna region. The pear accounts for over one third of Italian pear production of 850,000 tonnes per year, as Paolo Bruni, President of CSO and the General Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives in the European Union (COGECA), reports. Luciano Trentini, President of the European Commission's Promotion Consultative Group, calls for the administration involved in promoting sales of agricultural products to be simplified and stresses the importance of certificates of origin.
(Hall 2.2, Stand A-03, contact: Elena Vincenzi, tel.: +39(0)59/7863894)

Italy: new markets for South Tyrolean apples

"We are now one of Europe's biggest producers and distributors of new varieties such as Pink Lady, Kanzi, Rubens, Jazz and Modì", explains Gerhard Dichgans, Director of the Association of South Tyrolean Fruit Cooperatives (VOG), at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2012. With regard to the current market opportunities for South Tyrolean apples, he says: "With the good harvest in Western Europe, and particularly also in Poland, we are finding it a little more difficult as an export-oriented company this year than in the previous year. This is particularly true of deliveries to the German market. Our exports to England and Scandinavia, on the other hand, have risen slightly." Dichgans sees good opportunities in the near future in the Eastern European markets and North Africa.
(Hall 4.2, Stand B-10, contact: Paul Zandanel, tel.: +39(0)471/945750, e-mail:

Italy: Unitec with new innovations in sorting machines

With CHERRY_VISION, the Italian manufacturer Unitec presents a new machine at FRUIT LOGISTICA which can dramatically reduce the manual labour involved in sorting cherries. During trial runs with a client in Chile, staff deployment was able to be reduced by more than 50%. Another innovation is the UNI_ONE LF JOLLY system, which makes it possible for smaller and medium-sized businesses to process a wide range of different fruit, from apples and pears to kiwi fruit and plums.
(Hall 4.1, Stand A-02, contact: Cristina Baccarini, tel.: +39(0)545/288884, e-mail:

Veneto: white garlic with protected designation of origin

White garlic is the third agricultural product from Veneto to receive the EU protected designation of origin; a total of 14 other products bear the protected geographical indication. "They are often absolutely unique products that also bear testimony to the quality of the region and the care taken by Veneto's farmers to preserve diversity, in contrast to the cultivation of monocultures which is taking place globally", says Marino Finozzi, the region's Minister of Tourism and Foreign Trade. The radicchio is one of the main crops, with an annual production of around 100,000 tonnes. About one tenth of this is accounted for by the most prestigious variety from Treviso, which is also excellent as a filling for ravioli, in cakes or as jam. "We are here to show the special features of our products and to develop new markets", says Paolo Manzan. President of the radicchio consortium.
(Hall 2.2, Stand B-09, contact; Elena Burigana, tel.: +39(0)41/2795691, e-mail:

Mexico wants to stand out from the crowd

Gabriel Padilla from the Mexican Agriculture Ministry expects his country's producers will conclude short-term agreements worth EUR 50 million at FRUIT LOGISTICA. This year, 35 Mexican companies have come to Berlin hoping to establish direct contact to potential buyers. "FRUIT LOGISTICA has opened the door to the Middle East for us, and therefore to customers who are prepared to pay good money for our quality produce in spite of the financial crisis", Padilla says. Whereas in the 1990s about 97% percent of Mexico's fresh produce was being exported to the United States, that figure has since shrunk to 57%. To better serve demanding markets such as those in Europe, the country developed its own certification system: MexicoGap. Mexico now mainly supplies limes, grapefruits and bananas to EU countries.
(Hall 25, Stand C-19, contact: Gabriel Padilla, tel.: +155(0)3871/7407, e-mail:

New Zealand: Enzafruit meets new directors at FRUIT LOGISTICA

The 2012 FRUIT LOGISTICA will long be remembered by New Zealand company Enzafruit N.V. It was there that staff first met their new directors following Enzafruit's takeover by the Munich-based BayWa Group in late 2011. Managing Director Tony Fissette is full of praise. "We were treated with great respect", he says. "The new directors will breathe fresh air in to Enzafruit. It's good to see that the company wants to implement a long-term strategy that will enable us to expand our business within the international apple industry."
(Hall 6.2, Stand C-12, contact: Tony Fissette, tel.: +32(0)11/689941, e-mail:

CBI prepares producers for the European market

The Dutch Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) has brought 31 exhibitors from around the globe to FRUIT LOGISTICA to help them become more competitive on international markets. "Their participation in the fair is only the final stage in our promotion work", says Program Manager Peter van Gilst. The agency starts by preparing producers to meet the requirements needed to attain certain hygiene standards and/or gain certification. Asuncion Export S.A. from Guatemala currently sells 1200 tonnes of snap peas and baby corn in Europe. Five years ago, it sold a mere 350 tonnes to the US, says Director Alejandro Farfan. Luna Fruits Pvt. Ltd. joined the programme in 2001, so we could soon be getting grapes and melons from Ethiopia. "We would like to sell to Great Britain and France and extend the period in which we can offer produce", says Operations Manager Fitsumbirhan Kidane.
(Hall 6.2, Stand D-07, contact: Peter van Gilst, e-mail:; Alejandro Farfán, e-mail:; Fitsumbirhan Kidane, e-mail:

Dutch pavilion is carbon neutral for third year in a row

From the first letter preparing for this year's FRUIT LOGISTICA to the return home of the very last exhibitor, the entire Dutch pavilion is carbon neutral for the third year in succession. "We have factored in the lorries used for setting up and dismantling the stand, the flights taken by exhibitors, the water used by dishwashers and much more", says trade fair organizer Ger van Burik from the Holland Fresh Group. The total emissions come to 280 tonnes of CO2. "We bought 280 certificates from Soil & More. In return, the company is using the money to recultivate 11 hectares of land in the Egyptian desert", van Burik explains. That's about the size of 18 soccer pitches.
(Hall 3.2, Stand C-18, contact: Ger van Burik, tel.: +31(0)6/24243774, e-mail:

The Netherlands: Leaves taste like camembert or aniseed

Koppert Cress BV has raised a few eyebrows at this year's FRUIT LOGISTICA with exotic leaves and cresses. It has lime-flavoured succulent leaves and dill-like herbs that taste of aniseed. They are grown in a greenhouse that stores excess heat in an exchanger used to warm or cool eight surrounding apartment blocks and offices. "Sustainability is very important to us. We take action rather than simply talking about it", says company founder Rob Baan. The latest product in the Koppert range is an edible leaf from southeast Asia that Baan calls the "Pompom leaf". "Pompom was the nickname of former French President Georges Pompidou", he explains with a smile. "Président is also a popular brand of camembert in France. These leaves taste and smell of ripe cheese."
(Hall 3.2, Stand B-16, contact: Rob Baan, tel.: +31(0)174242819, e-mail:

Sormac: Blade retainer plates made of antibacterial plastic

"We are a global leader in the manufacture of machines for processing vegetables, including carrots, potatoes and lettuce", says Kim Suntjens, Office Manager of Sormac B.V. "We produce slicing, peeling and washing machines." One of the company's highlights at FRUIT LOGISTICA is its new MS-20 knife peeler for potatoes, celery and beetroot. New features on this machine include blade retainer plates made of blue, antibacterial plastic that is also extremely durable. The foldout drum makes it easier to clean and replace the cutting blades. "We are also exhibiting an onion peeler and other machines at the fair", Suntjens adds.
(Hall 3.1, Stand D-18, contact: Kim Suntjens, tel.: +31/(0)77/3518444, e-mail:

Apples and blueberries from Poland

Apples in the form of fruit and juice as well as blueberries are the focus for companies at Poland's joint stand. The FRUIT LOGISTICA presence was organized by Zwiazek Sadownikow in association with agricultural marketing agency ARR and the responsible ministries. Other products presented by Polish exhibitors include mushrooms and pickled vegetables.
(Hall 8.2, Stand A-09)

Rwandan produce hopes to conquer European markets

Europe is one of the key markets on which Rwanda wants to show its presence with passion fruit, baby bananas, snap peas, avocadoes and macadamia nuts, says Epimaque Nsanzabaganwa, the Head of the Horticulture Division, National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB). All the products on display are being marketed under the common Rwandafresh brand. "We've had many enquiries at our stand", Nsanzabaganwa says. "And we're generating new contacts and meeting with many of our customers. FRUIT LOGISTICA is the ideal place to find out about the latest agricultural technology. All aspects of the manufacturing and value-adding chain are brought together at the trade fair".
(Hall 5.2, Stand C-05, contact: Epimaque Nsanzabaganwa, tel.: +250(0)0788612292, e-mail:

Spain: Made-to-measure vegetables from Andalusia

Thirty-five exhibitors from Andalusia are presenting "Europe's Vegetable Garden" at FRUIT LOGISTICA. Participants include the cooperative La Palma, purportedly the world's largest producer of cherry tomatoes and other special tomatoes, including the purple "Chocmato" and orange-coloured plum tomato. The 585 members of the cooperative generate annual sales of EUR 91 million with a focus on "smart farming", a concept that combines productivity and value-added with sustainability and social responsibility. Campo Rico showcased its range of ready-to-eat vegetables, including marinated artichoke hearts and aubergines, sweet peppers and tomatoes. Free of preservatives and food colouring, these products have a shelf life of six months. New products presented at the trade fair include grilled sweet potatoes in various package sizes. Since 2006, this product has been mainly exported to France, Portugal, Holland and Belgium. "We are hoping that our participation at this year's trade fair will help us capture the German market – something we have been working on for years", says Sales Manager Richard Gauthier.
(Hall 18, Stand B-02c, contact: Richard Gauthier, tel.: +34(0)955/738980, e-mail:

Spain: New markets for Aragon cherries

With orchards covering 50,000 hectares, Aragon is Spain's second largest pome and stone fruit growing area. Thirty-three exhibitors from Aragon are at FRUIT LOGISTICA this year. The northern Spanish region is best known among consumers for its sweet Calanda peaches and deep red cherries. With an annual harvest of two million kilos, the family-owned enterprise Rio Cinca is among the largest producers. Their crisp cherries are sold under the Ruby brand in supermarket chains across England, where the fruit has not been grown up until now. This situation is changing however, which is why Rio Cinca Retail Manager Oscar Ortiz is looking for new sales markets. He already has one foot in the door in Russia with a variety that can withstand road transport lasting from six to eight days. "We also see great potential in the Middle East", says Ortiz.
(Hall 10.2, Stand A-03, contact: Miguel Mainar, tel.: +34(0)976/475720, e-mail:

Spain: Extremadura focuses on organic farming

According to Jesús Hernández, Managing Director of Frumaex, "Our main markets are Europe, South Africa, Brazil, the Arab countries and Russia". His company is presenting its range of pome and stone fruit at FRUIT LOGISTICA for the eighth consecutive year. Based in the Extremadura, Frumaex produces 7,000 tonnes of plums, nectarines and peaches per year. Ninety per cent of this fruit is exported. The fruit is produced on 300 hectares in a region that is well-known for pome and stone fruit grown according to the organic farming guidelines that have been standardized in Extremadura. Each piece of fruit is harvested by hand and analysed for quality in the company's own laboratory. "FRUIT LOGISTICA is the reference trade show for our company, because this is where the global fresh produce industry meets", says Nuria Lucas from the foreign trade promotion board. Extremadura is represented at the trade fair by 15 companies.
(Hall 18, Stand C-04, contact: Jesús Hernández, tel.: +34(0)924/147270, e-mail:

Spain: Black organic garlic from Castile-La Mancha

"Black garlic has a bright future!" says Francisco Carrion. The head of the family-owned enterprise Bhio Carrón is pleased to see that FRUIT LOGISTICA fairgoers are keenly interested in his latest innovation. The dark, fermented version of the popular herb tastes slightly sweet, somewhere between plum compote and balsamic vinegar. The familiar garlic taste is only slightly noticeable afterwards. Popular in Korea and Japan, but relatively unknown in Europe, the advantage of black garlic is that there is no sharp aftertaste, no typical garlic odour and an extremely high level of allicin, which helps prevent vascular disease. At FRUIT LOGISTICA Carrón wants to see how well his innovation is received in Europe. His black garlic is organically certified, much like his range of red, yellow, pink and purple onions. Pumpkins, melons and potatoes round out the list of products presented at the Castilla-La Mancha exhibition stand.
(Hall 11.2, Stand B-09, contact: Francisco Carrion, tel.: +34(0)967/161159)

Arkas offers container traceability for Turkish customers

The Turkish cargo ship company Arkas Container Transport S.A. is present at FRUIT LOGISTICA with a container-tracing service introduced in December 2011. The project is initially aimed at customers from Istanbul and Marmara region, but should become available online to all customers in Turkey during the course of the year. "Our fleet consists of 28 container vessels whose home port is Istanbul", says Black Sea Trade Manager Murat Türetken. The company serves ports in the Mediterranean region, the Black Sea and North Africa.
(Hall 1.1, Stand C-02, contact: Murat Türetken, tel.: +90(0)212/3180000, e-mail:

Turkey is becoming increasingly important as a partner for KÖLLA

"Turkey is a rapidly growing partner for us – especially for grapes, cherries and pomegranates", said Georg Hoffman, Managing Director of KÖLLA GmbH & Co. KG, in reference to the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2012 partner country. According to Hoffmann, this year's trade fair offers the global company a platform to present its profile and build contacts with existing and new customers. His assessment of the trade fair: "We are satisfied. Our stand attracted a steady flow of visitors".
(Hall 5.2, Stand A-06, contact: Catrin Lauf, tel.: +49(0)2131/6613462, e-mail:

Hungary: Marketing focus on specific fresh products

The successful marketing strategy of the past year will continue in 2012, said Dr. Béla Mártonffy, President of FruitVeB Hungarian Interprofessional Organisation for Fruit and Vegetables, speaking at FRUIT LOGISTICA. "This means that, in addition to the 5 A Day fruit and vegetable campaign, we are concentrating on specific fresh products". This year, the focus is on promoting of asparagus, sour cherries, apricot, sweet Hungarian white pepper, watermelon and mushrooms. Dr. Mártonffy added: "In conjunction with the campaign, we will have in-store taste tests with information materials in chain stores or at festivals, along with online and offline advertising campaigns aimed at consumers".
(Hall 23, Stand B-04, contact: Ágnes Vattamány, Anita Ferencz, tel.: +36(0)70/3389567, +36(0)70/3347540, e-mail:,

AWETA: Sorting by external and internal characteristics

AWETA G&P specializes in the development, production and distribution of high-end technologies for sorting fruit and vegetables. Sorting is handled according to both external and internal characteristics. Visitors at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2012 can, for example, learn about the Internal Quality Analyzer (IQA). This uses the most advanced method for determining the sugar content of fruit. Other sugar-dependent properties can also be quickly and carefully measured using infrared light. This method makes it possible to analyse the entire product and receive information on the internal properties of the fruit.
(Hall 3.1, Stand A-10, contact: Elise Bas, tel.: +31(0)88/6688000, e-mail:

Greefa measurement system uses high-resolution cameras

Highlights at the Greefa stand at FRUIT LOGISTICA include the introduction of the new iQS4 measuring system for determining the external quality of fruit. The system uses high-resolution cameras to analyse the fruit peel more accurately than before. Greefa is also presenting the new GeoSortIII at the trade fair. This advanced machine sorts eight fruit units per second and is extremely gentle on the fruit, says the exhibitor. This makes the GeoSortIII ideal for apples, peaches and other sensitive fruit.
(Hall 4.1, Stand A-09, contact: Monique Doornebal, tel.: +31(0)345/578100, e-mail:

IFCO SYSTEMS: New reusable containers for bananas

The focus for IFCO at this year's FRUIT LOGISTICA is on innovations designed to reduce costs, according to IFCO SYSTEMS CEO Karl Pohler. One of the innovations presented at the trade fair is the Caja de Oro™ Reusable Plastic Container (RPC). These containers represent an advanced global supply chain solution for fresh bananas. From the plantation in Latin America to the trans-shipment centre in the Windward Islands, the Caja de Oro™ has proven its effectiveness and value for the North American and European markets. The environmentally-friendly reusable container is designed for shipping high-quality bananas and has been tested in supermarkets.
(Hall 20, Stand B-02, contact: Sabine Preiss, tel.: +49(0)89/744910, e-mail:

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