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Spotlight 2017


Focusing on new products and first time appearances in Berlin.

This free service offers exhibitors and co-exhibitors an opportunity to present their premieres and novelties. This includes products and services to be launched at the leading international trade fair for fresh produce marketing.

The exclusive overview of premieres and novelties presents images and texts describing new and improved products, machinery and processes, systems and techniques, technologies, services, promotions and exhibitor campaigns.

"Spotlight" is a valuable tool for both trade journalists reporting about new products, and industry professionals who want to plan their trade fair visit more effectively.

Do you have a product premiere or innovation that you would like to present in conjunction with FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017? We invite you to submit your Spotlight article!

Here is the key information in brief:
Spotlight - Terms of Participation (PDF, 89.8 kB)

First deadline: 17 October 2016
Second deadline: 30 November 2016
Third deadline: 16 December 2016

Your contact person is Dr. Andreas Mueller. Please send your information to him at the following address:
Tel: +49-(0)30-47756368

Show product groups

World premiere

Two-sided labelling

Two-sided labelling
Top/bottom labelling system

The innovative "top/bottom" labelling system (photo) from the Krebeck company based in Damme, Germany, can be used to simultaneously label fruit and vegetable trays on both sides. The system consists of two synchronous conveyor belts and two labellers; each can be optionally equipped with a printing unit. Depending on the current need, the independent labellers enable labelling on both sides in one sweep, or labelling on the top or bottom of the tray. The optional printing unit for standard and thermal paper uses design software to create a variety of label formats. The "top/bottom" labelling system will debut at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

A. Krebeck Stalleinrichtung & Apparatebau GmbH
Hall 3.1, Booth C-01

Contact: Robert Krebeck
Phone: +49-5491-96670

World premiere

Modular production system for maximum adaptability and capacity

Modular production system for maximum adaptability and capacity
Logika sorter

Although FUTURA is a young company, the employees are highly experienced in the production of electronic fruit and vegetable sorters. The exhibiting company is planning to bring low-cost technologies to developing countries interested in electronic fruit sorting and is introducing its Logika sorter at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 (photo). This modular system is extremely versatile when it comes to handling high production volumes. The machine is also user-friendly, thanks to multifunctional software and an intuitive user interface. The "Futura Sorting" app enables remote machine operation. Logika sorters handle standard fruits and vegetables as well as dates, pomegranates, avocados, mangoes and other fresh produce.

Hall 3.1, Booth A-11

Contact: Omar Papi
Phone: +39-0547-632749

World premiere

Balanced growth and anti-stress fertilisation for all cultivation types

Balanced growth and anti-stress fertilisation for all cultivation types
High-tech fertiliser

RS technology, an innovative manufacturing process developed by the exhibiting company, reduces the size of particles in suspension and improves the fertiliser's affinity with the plant. RS technology enables micronisation of the particles in a solution that can be spread evenly on plant surfaces for better penetration of leaves and roots. The special advantages of this process inspired Hydro Fert to further develop two of its best products: Grow Quick and Vigor L Rapido (photo). Both can be used in organic agriculture and will be making their trade fair debut at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Grow Quick (photo) is an organic nitrogen fertiliser that stimulates balanced growth throughout the cultivation cycle. Vigor L Rapido (photo) is a biostimulating product that provides anti-stress fertiliser for all cultivation types.

Hydro Fert s.r.l.
Hall 10.1, Booth B-12

Contact: Francesco Di Pietro
Phone: +39-0883-513494

World premiere

Cardboard trays made from recycled tomato plant fibres

Cardboard trays made from recycled tomato plant fibres
Cardboard tray made from recycled tomato plant fibres

Nothing in nature is lost, everything is transformed. Inspired by nature, Idyl developed the "Tribu Ecolo" brand of cardboard packaging for tomatoes (photo) made from recycled tomato plant fibres. The exhibitor is showing ways to reduce the resources required for production, packaging and consumption. After harvesting, the stems and the leaves of the tomato plants are collected and shredded. The resulting fibres are mixed with recycled paper and used to manufacture the cardboard material. Using green waste from tomato plants helps reduce deforestation. This new, 100% recyclable ecological packaging will celebrate its world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

Idyl sas
Hall 21, Booth E-01

Contact: Brigitte Sénéchal
Phone: +33-4-90242001

World premiere

Vegetable spirals cut non-stop

Vegetable spirals cut non-stop
SPIRELLO 150 vegetable slicer

The SPIRELLO 150 (photo) cuts large quantities of vegetables – from carrots and potatoes, to pumpkins, radishes, beetroots, courgettes and celery – into decorative spiral strips. The blades quickly and cleanly cut a vegetable into metre-long strips at speeds of up to 680 revolutions per minute. A length-adjustable knife can be used to optionally shorten the strips in an intermittent cycle. The machine is equipped with swappable magazines. While one magazine processes the vegetables, the other can be stocked with new raw material. This enables the SPIRELLO 150 to operate non-stop. Vegetables are held in place by a centring device, which can be adapted to the product according to customer requirements. This makes it possible to process vegetables up to 15 cm in diameter, 30 cm in length and a maximum weight of 2.5 kg. The machine will celebrate its trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

KRONEN GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik
DE-Kehl am Rhein
Hall 3.1, Booth A-05

Contact: Kathrin Benz
Phone: +49-7854-9646160

World premiere

Time-saving soil management for asparagus and strawberry cultivation

Time-saving soil management for asparagus and strawberry cultivation
Profi Star machine series

Metasa is presenting a series of innovative multifunctional devices for soil management with the trade fair premiere of the Profi Star machinery line (photo) at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. These machines combine previously separate processes and lower working time by up to two-thirds. The robust ProfiStar machines loosen the tractor path and topsoil, cleanly cut the straw and form/flatten mounds. At the same time they smooth the earth's surface. The plant-conserving and fuel-saving machines are available in several variants ranging from lightweight for strawberries (Profi Star) to medium weight (Profi Star Maxi) and extra wide for large asparagus and vegetable farms (Profi Star Mega). The machines are equipped with various crumbling rollers and a flexible mounting frame for additional functions. Other advantages include the flexible use of the roadworthy machines on the front or rear tractor hydraulic systems along with adjustable height and working widths.

Metasa GmbH
Hall 8.1, Booth A-20

Contact: Jörg Primus
Phone: +49-2043-3783630

World premiere

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring
Real-time monitoring with MOST

Mobile Sensory Technologies is presenting the European premiere of its MOST real-time monitoring solution (photo) at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. This multifunctional platform can be used to ensure outstanding monitoring accuracy in a variety of industries. With a battery life of 100 days, the system can be used for long and short trips without the need to keep different models in stock. No software or hardware installation is required. Users can set their own thresholds and receive alerts and notifications via e-mail or SMS text message. MOST is reusable and requires no cradles, readers or adapters. Users can invite their stakeholders to participate in the web-based service in real-time with reports and information. Reports can be generated in the system at the touch of a button. The exhibitor's solution can be used to easily protect valuable cargo.

Mobile Sensory Technologies AB
Hall 11.1, Booth B-12

Contact: Matilda Bouchet
Phone: +46-761001604

World premiere

Enjoy granadillas the easy way

Enjoy granadillas the easy way
Granadilla with new straw

This innovation by OCATI simplifies the consumption of sweet granadillas. Although they are very delicious, they can be cumbersome to eat. That's why the exhibitor invented a practical straw (photo). People in Colombia typically break open the skin of the fruit. But this is not commonly known in many countries around the world. And this led to the idea for the new straw to suck out the flesh inside the fruit. Granadillas are produced all year round in Colombia. The fruit is very sweet, has a long shelf life and looks attractive young or old. It also contains proteins that activate the thymus gland in children to strengthen the immune system and increase growth. OCATI exports granadillas all year round, primarily to Europe. Along with the straw, a flow pack contains two fruits and instructions for use.

Ocati S.A.
Hall 25, Booth B-05

Contact: Daniela Manjarres
Phone: +571-884-4433

World premiere

Vegan dinner salads

Vegan dinner salads
Pausa Pranzo In Vegan

The OrtoRomi "Insal'Arte" brand was launched at the Milano Food Week 2014 and presented to international trade specialists for the first time at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2015. Introduced in late 2016, Pausa Pranzo In Vegan (photo), the new Insal'Arte line of "Pausa Pranzo" packaged salads with dressing, is celebrating its world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Vegetarian and vegan products include three different mixtures: Mopur® aromatic carpaccio with vegetable cheese, chickpeas with hemp seeds, and tofu with cherry tomatoes. Each product consists of a vegetable base of mixed baby leaf and grown up salads with two tasty vegetarian ingredients. The meals can be eaten anywhere, anytime. Each dish also includes its own dressing kit with salt, virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar from Modena g.g.A., a napkin and a small fork.

OrtoRomi Società Cooperativa Agricola
Hall 4.2, Booth C-08

Contact: Zeudi Adriana Dal Corso
Phone: +39-049-7480700

World premiere

Vigorous, fast growing, appealing colour

Vigorous, fast growing, appealing colour
Fluence F1 hybrid chard

Red chard is becoming increasingly popular as a colourful enhancement in baby leaf salad mixtures and because of its nutritional value. The challenge in the production of red chard is to ensure an appealing, clean green leaf with red veins throughout the year. Along with the "Ampera F1" and "Volt F1" hybrids, Pop Vriend Seeds has developed a wide range of new hybrids. These include "Fluence F1" (photo) and "Ion F1", which will be introduced as a world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Both are vigorous with a medium tolerance against downy mildew and bleeding diseases, and have proved to be relatively unattractive to thrips. Furthermore, they are fast growing with an appealing colour, cleaner in the plant stock and require less pesticide. In addition to red chard, the exhibitor offers green hybrid chard "Prius F1" and "PV-9013". These hybrids are also vigorous, moderately resistant to downy mildew and suitable for bundling.

Pop Vriend Seeds BV
Hall 1.2, Booth D-11

Contact: Kim Gieling
Phone: +31-228-595321

World premiere

Crunchy and juicy with a unique taste

Crunchy and juicy with a unique taste
Snow White Pear

The "Snow White Pear" (photo) is a new variety presented by the exhibitor as a European premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. The producers add eggs and molasses for fermentation in the nutrient medium and then spray and water the pear trees with this mixture. This makes the pear crunchy, juicy and sweet with a sugar content of 13 to 15 degrees Brix. Eating the pear spreads a unique taste in the mouth. The pear has a long shelf life, thin smooth skin, white fruit pulp, small fruit pits and a pleasant shape. It withstands storage and transport and is suitable for worldwide export. The producer operates his own farm and can control the fruit quality from beginning to end. With a capacity of 5,000 tonnes per year, the exhibitor supplies the pears from October to May. The company recently obtained organic certification in China.

Qingdao All-Fresh Agricul Products
Hall 7.2b, Booth B-02

Contact: Judy Pang
Phone: +86-532-68085388

World premiere

Accommodates different individual packages

Accommodates different individual packages
SoFruBox (top) and SoFruMiniPak

The SoFruBox® system (photo) consists of individual packs with multiple flow-through openings and a bottomless box. The individual packages suitable for berries and stone fruits are available in sizes ranging from 250g to 500g and 1000g. A centre retaining strip in the box accommodates different individual packages. This makes the system adaptable to different customer requirements and needs. SoFruPak® (photo), another European premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017, is an eco-friendly carton designed for 1-2 kilograms of fresh berries or stone fruit. It is delivered in a folded state and can be set up in two easy steps. Key features of SoFruPak® include ease of transport, ergonomic storage, precise dimensions for pallets, and easy unfolding. The advanced SoFruBox® system offers ventilation openings in the basket combined with an innovative bottomless box.

PL-Wola Krzysztoporska
Hall CityCube Hall B, Booth E-16

Contact: Adam Sikorski
Phone: +48-725-591457

World premiere

Clusters grow in a herringbone pattern

Clusters grow in a herringbone pattern
OTELLO F1 (top left), MONICA F1, GUILTY F1 (bottom left) and ACHILLE F1

"OTELLO F1" broccoli (photo) takes 70 to 75 days to mature, weighs 800 to 900 grams on average and has a green-bluish colour with tiny pearls. It is suitable for outdoor cultivation in spring and autumn. "MONICA F1" iceberg lettuce (photo) is a vigorous plant with light green leaves, an average weight of 500 to 600 grams and good tolerance against high temperatures. The "GUILTY F1" red cluster tomato (photo) grows from medium-sized plants, a medium distance between internodes and robust clusters with five to six fruits weighing 140 to 160 grams each. This variety is suitable for year-round greenhouse cultivation, as is the "ACHILLE F1" red cluster tomato (photo) with balanced, medium-size plants and an average internode length. The clusters with five to six fruits weighing 120 to 150 grams each grow in a herringbone pattern. The four new varieties will be presented for the first time at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

Southern Seed srl
IT-Vittoria Provinz Ragusa
Hall 1.2, Booth B-18

Contact: Marinella Inghisciano
Phone: +39-0932-861054

Fresh products

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